Hi I'm David,

And I'm a moments photographer. 

You could also call my style photojournalistic, or even candid.

But moments—they are really what I'm after. Because moments are what matters to us as human beings, and to be able to capture them for you means a lot to me. 

That means when I'm shooting, I try to be as inconspicuous as possible, choosing to let the event unfold itself as I document the moments. Be it weddings or events, I offer little interruption so honest moments appear. Even for pre-wedding shoots, my goal is to let the couple enjoy the shoot as a date with minimal directions, and I'd be there to document their love and quirks. Many couples worry not knowing what to do during shoots, but I've quickly realised that every couple, when faced with the love of their life in a comfortable setting—and that's what I strive for, will always show tenderness and joy no external pose can duplicate. And that's what I believe will endure as a memory as the moment is captured. 

While I primarily shoot weddings, I am actively involved in other types like corporate shoots. So long it's about moments, I'm all game. I choose not to venture into studio photography, as I believe in the beauty of a natural and spontaneous moment rather than a posed one.

I hope you enjoy the photos I've chosen to put here, because they represent what I do, what I see, and what matters to me. 

Your moments. Your stories. 

Let's go capture them together. 




Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2016

Category: Wanderlust
Position: Top 100 (82 / 11,905 photos)


Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2016

Category: The Wedding Couple
Position: Finalist (382 / 13,834 photos)


Wedding Photojournalistic Association
2015 Q4 Photo Contest

Category: Ceremony
Position: 6th Place
Comment by judges:

Love the emotion. Funny.

Cleaning up a cluttered scene can prove to be a challenge. This image is impressive in the photographer's ability to find an entry point, keep the frame clean and at the same time capture an entertaining exchange. Well done.
WPJA international award winning photographer david teo


Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2015

Category: The Wedding Couple
Position: Finalist (669 / 13,701 photos)


Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2015

Category: Real Moment

Position: Finalist (259 / 5,893 photos)