I'm always thankful to be part of a special day between two people in love, but for Faiz and Fann, it was more than just a day. 

It was a journey of friendship and fun :)

We met quite a while back and was thankful to document their love for spiders and yoga in a really fun and causal pre-wedding shoot. After that, we worked together to bring their vision of the wedding invite to fruition, from conceptualisation to production.

Then came the beautiful Malay wedding (my first, both as a guest and a photographer). Mid week we met to discuss about a montage with a track sung by no other than the groom himself, and on the Sunday that followed, I was once again with them on their Chinese wedding celebration. The love and joy shared on that day touched everyone, making tears of gratitude and heartfelt emotions a common sight. Even I was not spared of teary eyes. 

Through it all, I'm just so humbled to be allowed into their lives, and be privy of their jokes and love.

Many, many blessings to this lovely couple!