When I received the first mail from Barbara, I was thinking: What's the chances that she would be my primary school friend? I mean, it's not the most common name...

Then we met. And boy was she my primary school friend whom I have lost contact for just under 20 years! But that's not all. During the course of her special day, I met many other friends. Wow. 

As if that wasn't special enough, I had the chance to design and print the couple's wedding invite and stickers for their cookies (for guests). So it was really special seeing my creations being part of such a lovely wedding. 

And what a wedding it was. Simple, yet intimately sweet and fun. Not to forget the lavender theme which permeated throughout the whole day, even in the air. Literally. 

Once again it has been a real privilege to be part of their special day, and I wish this lovely couple many many happy years ahead :)